Die Konferenz zu Docker, Kubernetes und Co.
Mannheim, Congress Center Rosengarten,
13.-16. November 2018

// Hands-on Workshop Developing Apps and Continuous Delivery on OpenShift

Understand key concepts of Docker and Kubernetes, and how OpenShift builds on these technologies to provide a comprehensive platform for development through to production. Get hands-on experience of OpenShift with your own personal workshop account and guided labs covering application development, and automated continuous delivery.

The workshops include building application containers and running these with Kubernetes, and OpenShift, connecting application services, scaling applications, and using Jenkins to manage you build pipelines through to applications in production.


  • ab 10.00 Registrierung und Begrüßungskaffee

  • 11.00 a.m.: start

  • 11.00: Presentation: Introduction to OpenShift

  • 11.30: Lab: Getting Started With OpenShift

  • 12.00: Lab: Creating Apps in OpenShift

  • 12.30 p.m. - 1.30 p.m.: lunchbreak

  • 1.30: Lab: Building and deploying a JEE App and connecting to a Database

  • 1.45: Lab/Demo: Debugging a Remote Application

  • 2.15: Lab: Explore Inside an Application Container

  • 2.30: Lab: CI/CD Automating the Application Lifecycle

  • 3.00 p.m. - 3.15 p.m.: coffeebreak

  • 3.15: Lab: wiring applications together

  • 4.30 p.m. - 4.45 p.m: coffeebreak

  • 4.45: Demo: Microservices Example

  • 5.15: Open Lab - micro-hackathon / Q&A session

  • 6 p.m.: end

Technische Anforderungen:

  • Please note: the presenters will be speaking in English

  • Laptop with Internet connectivity.

  • Modern Web Browser (supporting HTML5) - Javascript must be enabled

Optional (for self-supported, advanced development topics)

  • Installation of the OpenShift Command Line Interface - see https://docs.openshift.org/latest/cli_reference/get_started_cli.html

  • A Git client

  • A Java IDE (for example Eclipse or IntelliJ)

If you are using hardware that is company property, please make sure, if one of the following problems could occur:

  • Workshop-participant has no administrator rights.

  • Corporate laptop uses excessively meticulous security software.

  • Set corporate-proxies, on which you are forced to communicate within the company, but which can’t connect in different environments.

* Attendees are expected to have reasonable development experience, they should be aware of containers, but do not require experience in building or running containers.
* An understanding of software development life-cycles; the progression of applications from development through to production, would be helpful.

* A better understanding of how to leverage Kubernetes, and OpenShift, to support software development, and the promotion of applications into production environments.
* How Kubernetes provides a mechanism for developing executable architectural models, and how it can be used to describe "infrastructure as code".

// Referenten

Ed Seymour Ed Seymour

has over 20 years experience working in software development and IT automation. With a career that started with a small software start-up, working efficiently and with agility was a necessity, and through his experience working at a global IT services company, gained valuable experience in promoting and effecting organisational change, adoption of agile methods, and automation of the software development life-cycle. At Red Hat, Ed's role has focused on enabling customers as they embrace new organisational behaviours and structures, for example DevOps, and developing new IT services through adoption of emerging technologies, such as Cloud Management, OpenStack, and specialises in solutions based on containers through Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Graeme Colman Graeme Colman

loves talking about about Open Source and how it drives innovation across IT today. He loves how large enterprises are looking at Open Source not only for technology innovation but also taking the opensource community culture and learning how to build that same community driven innovation culture in the enterprise. He works with Red Hat customers in helping them understand the power of our culture in building innovation into their business. He's exited by new technology, containers, microservices, PaaS and other tools that are driving the agile culture we see today. Outside of technology he's passionate about football, coaching my local youth team takes up all of my time outside of work helps me maintain a view of the energy and enthusiasm that children bring to their passion!