Fargate: Serverless Containers on AWS

Creating and maintaining your own container orchestration platform can be very time consuming. Services like ECS or EKS help you with the control plane, but it’s still your job to manage all the worker nodes. With Fargate, you can run containers without any servers – “serverless”.

In this talk, Philipp dives into the architecture of Fargate, explains why he thinks Fargate is the cheapest way to run containers on AWS and which use cases are supported (and which not)


Some experience with AWS and Containers


* Insights into Fargate's architecture
* Understand the pricing model
* How to run containers on Fargate




Philipp Garbe
Philipp Garbe works as Platform Architect at RIO The Logistics Group. Prior to that, he was part of Tatsu, a project that transformed the matured AutoScout24 IT setup into a nextgen Web-Scale IT platform. After that he created a cutting-edge cloud experience for Scout's builder teams through automated tooling and products. Philipp is driven by technologies and tools that allow him to deliver and relea






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