Die Konferenz für Continuous Delivery und DevOps
Mannheim, Congress Center Rosengarten,
14.-17. November 2017

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// The reality of using containers to build products [Sponsored Talk]

Do you want to get all of the benefits of containers when building products and DevOps tools?

Gavin Etheridge tells you about some the challenges you may face and describes how to implement a product and the associated DevOps tooling using container technologies. He will explain the platform that has been implemented, some of the key challenges faced and how they were overcome. The speech will also cover whether those decisions should be revisited now (or in the near future) as container technologies continue to mature.

Attendees are expected to have a foundational understanding of containers and the benefits they offer to the DevOps lifecycle. They may be looking at containers as a technology for building products and/or their DevOps tooling.

The audience will learn about some of the key challenges faced by 1&1 when they implemented products and DevOps tooling based on container technologies. They will learn how these were addressed and if we may have done things differently as container technologies continue to mature.

// Referent

Gavin Etheridge

is product Owner at 1&1 Internet SE. In this role, he is working on agile projects to deliver container based platforms and products that meet the needs of modern developers and systems operations teams. He has 15 years of experience in the IT sector working in a variety of technology roles in different companies ranging from SaaS start-ups to large multi-nationals.