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Protecting Data in Motion: Kubernetes Solutions for DevOps Environments

In this session, we'll explore how Kasten K10 enhances Kubernetes-native data protection within DevOps practices. We'll delve into integrating backup and recovery seamlessly into CI/CD pipelines, ensuring data integrity with every code deployment.

The talk will highlight the synergy between Kubernetes operations and data management, demonstrating how code changes in a Kubernetes environment can impact data, and why this makes integrated data protection essential.

Through a practical demo, we'll simulate a failure scenario in a DevOps pipeline, showcasing how Kasten's solutions not only prevent data loss but also facilitate quick and reliable data restoration in Kubernetes-native applications.


This session aims to provide insights on maintaining data resilience in a fast-paced DevOps setting, leveraging Kubernetes-native tools for optimal data security and operational efficiency.



Patricio R. Cerda
Patricio R. Cerda is Senior Solutions Architect at Veeam Software.




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