Die Konferenz zu Docker, Kubernetes und Co.
Mannheim, Congress Center Rosengarten,
13.–16. November 2019

// Keynote: Kubernetes Security – More the same than different

Containers and orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes are really cool. They make it easier than ever to programmatically manage our applications and infrastructure. They also bring a new set of security challenges with them.

In this talk Jen will guide you through common security concerns, and discuss how they change as you move to containers and Kubernetes. She’ll describe best practices to prevent and mitigate compromises. Then she'll demonstrate these techniques responding to a compromised container.

// Referent

Jen Tong Jen Tong

is a Security Advocate on Google Cloud Platform. In this role she helps developers and IT professionals stay out of trouble while getting the most out of cloud computing. Previously she worked in a wide variety of engineering roles from robotics at NASA, to developer advocacy for Google Glass. She is passionate about education, especially on the subjects of technology and science. If she’s away from her laptop, she’s probably playing ice hockey, or hanging from aerial silk.