Die Konferenz zu Docker, Kubernetes und Co.
Mannheim, Congress Center Rosengarten,
13.–16. November 2019

// Hardware on the Dock's – Applying container technology in the embedded world

By introducing more and more connected embedded devices, continuous delivery and incremental, continuous product updates become desirable in the embedded domain. Therefore, this talk focuses on the transfer of existing solutions from the cloud technology landscape to the development of embedded targets.

The selection of immutable host-OS solutions, the analysis of real time performance of containerized applications and the integration of embedded devices in kubernetes configurations will be covered as examples of such a transfer, demonstrating the applicability, benefits and architectural implications of these technologies for IoT solutions.

* Basic know-how of Docker and Kubernetes.

* Applicability and benefits of container technologies for IoT embedded development.
* Implications of container technology on common metrics in embedded development.

// Referent

Alexander Bubeck Alexander Bubeck

is Lead Software Architect at Zühlke Engineering GmbH focusing on projects for connected devices and IoT solutions. In his career, Dr. Bubeck developed embedded software for robotics, automation industry and medical devices with a strong background in Linux, open source technologies and container based development.