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Securing your web application pipeline from intruders

During the life cycle of a project, it can be easy to build a CI/CD pipeline with just speed and resources in mind. This also makes it easy to leave the security of your pipeline as an afterthought because of how tedious it can be to build a pipeline to begin with. In this talk, we'll look into the different ways an intruder can compromise your pipeline and how you can build in security as you create and update your pipelines.

Some things we will consider include how easy it would be for an intruder to get your environment variables, how well defined your permissions are, and if there are any third party services or bugs that could be exploited. We'll look at a comparison of a few CI/CD tools and how you can handle these concerns in their respective ecosystems. By the end of this talk, you should feel comfortable doing a quick pipeline security audit and fixing some security concerns in multiple CI/CD products.



Milecia McGregor
Milecia McGregor is Developer Advocate bei Conducto.



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