It’s time to level up

As DevOps has become more mainstream, as the drive for agile delivery of software is accepted (at least in principle) we need to level up from our collective comfort zone.

As techies we tend to solve the problem in front of our face. How does my team/squad/scrum deliver our output faster and with higher quality.

As Engineers we need to be thinking how does our organisation deliver value to our customers efficiently and with less risk and how do we prove that we have this under control.

In this talk Rob Vanstone will give an overview of the problems we face when we try and scale best practice, alongside solutions that allow this to work. We will dig into advanced release patterns and we will show how everything can be done and still have time to satisfy the scrutiny that governance and compliance demands.




Rob Vanstone
Rob Vanstone is Technology Director for XebiaLabs. With an engineering background in consulting and automation Rob helps many organisations to optimise their delivery of business ideas to the customer. Rob has spent over 10 years integrating test, development and operational tooling to increase efficiency, quality and productivity for application development. Rob is a thought leader at XebiaLabs specialising in the DevOps, Cloud and Continuous Delivery space.








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