Cloud Native Transformation Patterns

Cloud Native is more than a tool set. It is a full architecture, a philosophical approach for building applications that take full advantage of cloud computing. Going Cloud Native requires an organization to shift not only its tech stack but also its culture and processes. These human-centered changes can be the most difficult aspect of a transformation and many migrations stumble, or even fail, by making common mistakes rooted in cognitive bias. Patterns can help them avoid these pitfalls.

This talk will tell the story of a typical enterprise as it undertakes a cloud migration and, in the process, show the differences between Waterfall, Agile and Cloud Native approaches. The story, drawn from real-world migration projects, demonstrates a transformation design and reveals related patterns as it progresses, including failures along the way. By the end a full Pattern Language is established.

The story is based on real world experiences gained through five years of consulting in Cloud Native and 20 years of overall IT experience.




* An understanding of design patterns in relation to building and deploying Cloud Native systems.
* An understanding of where each pattern maps to the different elements of Cloud Native systems.
* Patterns and their relationship to strategic formulation and design.
* An understanding of success (and failure) at companies that succeed with Cloud Native and are not unicorns.




Pini Reznik
Pini Reznik has 15+ years of experience in delivering software in Israel and Netherlands. Starting as a developer and moving through technical, managerial and consulting positions in Configuration Management and Operations areas, Pini acquired deep understanding of the software delivery processes and currently helping organisations around Europe with improving software delivery pipelines.








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