Konferenz für Continuous Delivery, DevOps und Containerisierung
Mannheim, Congress Center Rosengarten,
10.-12. November 2015

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// Building Microservices in the Cloud at AutoScout24

Fed up with stop and go in your data center? Why not shift into overdrive and pull into the fast lane? Learn how AutoScout24 are building their Autobahn in the cloud to become the market leader in Europe's vehicle classified business. Reinventing themselves by making a radical transition from monoliths to microservices, from .NET on Windows to Scala on Linux, from data center to AWS and from built by devs and run by ops to a devops mindset. While the current stack keeps running, ever more microservices will go live as you listen to stories from the trenches.

Der Vortrag wird in Absprache mit den Zuhörern auf Englisch oder auf Deutsch gehalten.


How to...
...become cloud native
...evolve the architecture
...create "you build it you run it" teams
...involve business people in the transformation

// Referenten

// Christian Deger Christian Deger

is a coding architect at AutoScout24. He is deeply involved with "Tatsu", the project that transforms the AutoScout24 IT setup into a nextgen Web-Scale IT platform. Christian is passionate about advances in technology and new ideas and concepts. His current vision is centered around "You build it, you run it" and includes buzzwords like AWS, microservices and event sourcing.

// Wolf Schlegel Wolf Schlegel

is a coding architect with over 20 years of international consulting experience. He has worked as a developer, software systems architect, team lead, business analyst and enterprise IT architect delivering major software systems. His primary professional interests are microservices, cloud, continuous delivery and devops, software architecture, agile enablement and humanitarian software.